11 Top Travel Moments of 2015

It wouldn’t be New Year without a round-up of sorts, so here’s a look back at my favourite travel moments of 2015. Here’s to another year of new places, tastes and fun discoveries, near and far. Where will you be heading in 2016?

1. Following in the footsteps of Henry VIIIQueen Elizabeth I and II by spending the night in the 900-year-old, Amberley Castle

July 2015 phone pics 111.JPG
Amberley Castle, West Sussex, England


2. Spending an afternoon browsing the vintage home stores, coffee shops and beer garden at 44 Stanley, Johannesburg

Bean There roastery, 44 Stanley
Bean There roastery, 44 Stanley, Johannesburg, South Africa

3. Catching a red snapper with my bare hands (and some fishing line) off the side of a dhoni boat in the Maldives.. and eating it as sashimi for dinner straight after


Traditional hand-line fishing and sashimi, Maldives


4. Falling for the wildflower patch at Capel Manor Gardens, and vowing to find a place to plant my own

Wildflower garden at Capel Manor, Enfield


5. Admiring the beautiful ceramic tiles all over Portugal’s capital, Lisbon

Tiles galore! Lisbon, Portugal

6. Discovering the delicious sparkling wines being produced in the verdant vineyards of Gusbourne Estate, Kent


Vineyards, chardonnay grapes, Gusbourne sparkling at Gusbourne Estate


7. Eating the best mozzarella of my life on the rocks in Polignano a Mare, and tucking into freshly netted fish, and crisp, Italian rose, in Pescaria

July 2015 phone pics 739
Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy
July 2015 phone pics 696
Fresh local fish at Pescaria, Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy



8. Learning to kite surf  in the bath-warm, crystal clear waters, in front of the mighty Le Morne Brabant Mountain, in Mauritius

Prestige Kite Surfing spot - GS.png
Le Morne Brabant Mountain, Mauritius



10. Coveting the colourful fishing boats of Gallipoli

Gallipoli harbour, Puglia, Italy
Fishing boats and nets, Gallipoli Harbour, Puglia, Italy


11. Appreciating the nature and beauty on my doorstep with plenty of winter walks

Hilly Fields, Enfield
Playing Pooh Sticks, Hilly Fields
Walking the Cheshunt footpath
Lea Valley Country Park


All photos copyright Gabrielle Sander.



One thought on “11 Top Travel Moments of 2015

  1. Beautiful photos, looks like you have visited some magnificent places. I look forward to more photos of your 2016 adventures.
    p.s. I particularly like the Chesthunt Footpath photo, it looks a beautiful day there.


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