Spotlight on… Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, covering 300 acres of prime Richmond ground, needs a full day to be appreciated to the full. Over five hours, and 16,279  steps – if my mobile pedometer is to be believed – is how long I spent one spring Saturday, exploring the various gardens, greenhouses and tree top trail of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which harks back to 1840. Highlights of this London attraction included the sea of blooming magnolia trees, a carpet of punchy wildflowers, and the tiny, but perfectly formed pineapples. The hot chocolate in the Victoria entrance cafe, is good fuel on a cold day (all the better with a slice of carrot cake). In the summer, take a picnic and sit at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-esque, long wooden table, while listening to birdsong and watching the majestic peacocks saunter by. If you visit the gift shop, prepare to leave armed with at least one potted plant, a souvenir tea towel and a few tins of seeds…

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